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Frankie’s BBQ was established in 1968 by the late Frankie Fellows-Trotter and James “Charles” Trotter Sr.. The Trotters invested their life savings into a business that would provide them with the sole means of income to support themselves and their six (6) children. The Trotters at that time would have never imagined the success that their restaurant would see in years to come. Over forty years have passed, and Frankie’s BBQ is still located on the “Circle” at 1621 West Washington Street in South Bend, Indiana. To date, Frankie’s BBQ, Inc is one of the most successful minority owned businesses in the Michiana area, serving over 100,000+ guests per year. The restaurant is now under the direction of Sean P. Trotter, the fifth of the “Trotter Children”. Sean has done some great things to move Frankie’s into the new millennium, such as:

  • incorporating the business
  • offering franchise opportunities
  • renovating the original building
  • and currently working on expanding in Indianapolis IN

Sean has a vision of expanding the restaurant that bears his mother’s name, across the United States.

ln addition to the many successes Frankie’s BBQ, lnc. has experienced over the past 40 years, the organization is a continuous supporter of organizations such as the Hospice Society, Cancer Society, and is one of the areas largest meat donors to the South Bend Homeless Shelters. Future endeavors include developing a Scholarship Fund for deserving students and providing internships that will allow students to “earn” while they “learn” about the restaurant business.

What can be attributed to the success of Frankie’s BBQ,Inc.? The Ribs and Frankie’s Signature BBQ Sauce of course!!! The “Sauce” is what put Frankie’s BBQ, Inc. on the map. Customers can’t find anything close to Frankie’s BBQ in the area. Even those customers who move away, always make it a point to visit Frankie’s BBQ and say how they couldn’t wait to get home to get some Frankie’s BBQ, because there are no ribs in the country like Frankie’s BBQ.

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